Sony SCD-1 Weight

I just ordered an SCD-1. I looked at the tracking label from FedEx, and it says that the entire package weights 52lbs. Sony says that the CD Player weights 58.4 lbs. Do you think FedEx is just off, or did I get scammed?
If I recall correctly, the 58 lbs. sounds about correct. It's been a while since I sold mine but shipped double box, it was probably about 75 lbs. Hopefully, the Fedex weight is off, even though I doubt it being off by that much. How's the seller's profile/reputation? Please keep us posted and keep your fingers crossed.
Fedex is off for sure,there is only one Scd-1.
It weighs 58lbs.Gary.
The seller has a pretty good reputation. Good feedback here and on ebay. I'll let you guys know when I get it (which unfortunately won't be until Thursday). But I'm getting pretty nervous about it.
If the seller has a FedEx account then they go off the weight of the shipper. It is up to the shipper to determine the weight and then fill in the blanks of the way bill. If the seller took it to a FedEx drop off point then it would have been weighed by FedEx themselves. Still they could have been wrong. I wouldn't start the heavy alcohol consumption yet...
Good luck, John