Sony DVP-S9000ES vs DVP-NS999ES for 2-channel?

Hi all,
I am considering upgrading my Sony DVP-NC650V CD/SACD/DVD player to one of the Sony models mentioned above. I primarily use this machine for listening to SACD and CD discs in a 2-channel stereo system. I am interested in finding out if others have compared the Sony DVP-S9000ES and DVP-NS999ES for their performance playing back CDs and SACDs in 2-channel. If so, I would appreciate feedback so that I might make an informed decision between these two components. I am aware that the 9000ES does not have a good rep playing back CD-R, DVD-R, etc. I have an inexpensive DVD-A player to handle those discs. Again, I am mainly concerned with SACD and CD performance.

My equipment chain coming out of the Panamax Max 5300 line conditioner is as follows:

current/future silver disc player -> van den Hul D102 MK III interconnects -> Musical Fidelity X10-D tube stage (using an upgraded toroid power supply) -> vdH interconnects -> B&K PT3 Series II preamp (using Audioquest NRG-1 power cord)-> vdH interconnects -> B&K ST2140 stereo amp (140wpc,using ZuCable Mother power cord) -> vdH Teatrack biwire speaker cables -> Canton Ergo 92DC full range speakers.

I mostly listen to jazz (I love the 50 year-old reissues that are coming out on SACD) and, to a lesser degree, a variety of "rock", i.e. King Crimson, Led Zep, Who, Stones, Zappa, Neil Young (the latter 2 artists are the primary reasons I bought the DVD-A player).

Thanks for any help/insight.
I had that very combo when it first came out.I found it to be OK for home theater,but unfit for serious 2 channel listening.The Sony gear was not alone in that regard.I had the same problem with Lexicon and several other pre/pros.I finally solved the dilemna with an Aragon Soundstage,an 8008BB amp for the main channels and an Acurus 200x3 for the surrounds.

nothing special, most Cambridge players sound better
I was in the same boat as well. Both Sonys don't fare well for Redbook playback.

My best suggestion is to get either one modded. I have mine sent to VSE for an upgrade. I opted for the DVP-S9000ES since at the time was discontinued at really good prices.

Here's the link for the Allen Wright mods:
I agree with Mike....average players at best, un-modded, but really outstanding modded.

I have the 999ES and a friend has the 9000ES, both modded by Dan, Modwright. In my system, the Modwright 999ES bettered the highly regarded Audio Aero mkII DAC that I also owned for a while.
incredible; mine not moded SONY 9000ES in SACD mode in not able to rival Arcam Alpha6 (1996) player playing the some disc on CD layer, SONY is so hifi and so unmusical I just cannot stand it
You still could buy the a new Sony 9000es. Sony found 200 new units in Mexico and one of Sony Authorized dealer is selling it for $549
New Sony 9000es are being sold at for $549.
I have a 999ES which is currently designated as my DVD Player. I replaced its daily SACD and CD duties with a Sony 595 ($150) and had it modified by TRL ($500). The 595 sounds wonderful... much more high end than the 999... really no contest. Do a search for the TRL 595, there's plenty to read. I highly reccomend it. I don't know if it competes with the Meitners of the world, as some claim, but, I do know for $650 it is the best bargain I can think of.
For the price quoted in some earlier posts, you would be wise to consider the 9000es. I own the 999es and contrary to some other opinions I find the sound to be pretty good (about what I'd expect for the $ spent). I bought the 999es primarily for the DVD playback and multi-channel SACD capabilities. That said, if you will be doing 2-channel only, I recommend the 9000es due to its build quality. It is a solid unit and can be improved upon with mods (from what I read:-). At $549 it would be a hard deal to beat and should last you many, many years.
thank you for your attention and feedback. I am still hashing over the 9000 vs 999 debate. I have, though, found two opposing answers to my original question: Of the two, which is better for 2-channel audio?

Joel Brinkley, in the January 2003 edition of Ultiamate AV, had this to say in his review of the 999: "At the moment, I have two copies of only one SACD: Yo-Yo Ma's Solo (Sony Classical SS 64114), a superb 2-channel recording. I was able to perform a direct A/B comparison using my two copies played through different analog inputs of my Lexicon MC-12B processor. When I did this earlier this year, comparing the S9000ES with Sony's DVP-NS900V, I could detect no significant difference between the players. This time, comparing the S9000ES with the NS999ES, there were greater differences. The solo cello sounded a bit more open and clean, a little richer from the NS999ES. The difference was subtle, but it was there."

The link to that review is the following

On the other hand, Shane Buettner reports in his review of the 999 in the Feb/March 2003 issue of The Absolute Sound (Issue 140, pp. 57-59) that, "good as the [999] is though, it did not quite equal the performance of its predecessor, the Sony DVP-S9000ES, with virtually all two-channel audio formats: SACD, CDs, and 24/96 DADs. The DVP-S9000ES was more open and extended on top, had fuller bass that made the DVP-NS999ES sound a bit lean in comparison. The DVP-S9000ES was also slightly more transparent, with better resolution of low-level details and more soundstage depth" (p. 59).

I wonder if the 999 still had some breaking-in to do....?

So... I will probably go for the 9000, use it as is for a while, and possibly research the world of modifications at a later date. I might be happy with the 9000 as it is. I'm curious to hear how the 9000 combines with the Musical Fidelity X10-D in the signal chain to my preamp. The X10-D warmed up/filled out the sound of my cheapo players.
If I have anyhing of import to say, I'll get back on this chain.
Thanks again.
I've had the 999ES in my system the past two years. It's a solid performer for video and multichannel duties, but lack for good Redbook or SACD two channel playback. I fooled with SACD's for a long time trying to get the sound I wanted, but in the end I bought a Naim CD5i which sounds much better with Redbooks than my Sony does with SACD's. I'm finished with the SACD experiment.