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What speakers have best bass for hip hop, and rock
My Cerwin Vega's do this to perfection 
Has anyone had the $ 5k upgrade to their cdsa-se ?
Expensive upgrades can be poor values at some future resale. spend 6K on the Resolution Audio CD player, sell your original and you will be far ahead in money and sound quality. 
Quad 909
It does not 
Life after DarTZeel
The amps that came later for me are a pair of Bryston 28B I feel they are better in nearly all ways. The Dart was expensive when it retailed for $12K, then it became ridiculous 
Magnavox FD 204 CD Player
Could be a dried up grease issue too, clean the tracks, relube 
Tonearm suggestions for a Micro Seiki DDX-1000
The Nottingham Space arm works well, for less money the Rega's also sound good 
Wadia iTransport problem
Mine has done that and other issues, I dont think it is a finished product. 
System Pictures & a kind of "dating service"
High End Audio is already like computer dating, everyone makes fantastic claims about what can be had. Compatability is always promised. Then you find out she has stolen your check book 
Do I really want the musicians in my room?
My Denon receiver has a button for this, in the room / out of the room. Works every time 
Dylan & Starbucks anyone?
What's next, The Wall Mart Collection 
Audience AU 24 interconnects for the following?
missing low bass? never heard that in my store,must have tried these by now on a thousand different components. 
Should I get the Art Audio Jota
A sideways move at best. Not enough power for this speaker. Most small speakers need more jump to come alive. They will play but you will lose most of your dynamic range. If you are also going to change speakers that might be a different matter. 
avantgarde duo spikes or plastic feet ?
Both feet and spikes will transfer energy to the horns. Try keeping all the bolts loose. This will tranfer less energy. You may get slightly better bass with the spikes 
Stereophile or Absolute Sound
Both are just a shadow of what they were in the past. Even HI FI + one of the few good ones left has been bought and ruined. 
Has anyone added a second belt to their VPI Scout
I have found this works well, but then I also wear two belts on most of my pants. You know the audiophile motto, If some is good, more must be better.