Sony 777 as a transport?

Does anyone have any experience using the Sony 777 SACD or XA 777 SACD models as a transport? I am contemplating buying a new transport to go with my Audio Logic 2400 tube dac. I am looking for something musical that would complement the nice midrange of the AL and add a touch of air to the presentation. I would also be interested in playing around with SACD, but I am mostly interested at this point in CD playback. I am also considering used stand alone transports from CEC (TL2 or TL1), Altis CDTIII, Muse Model 8, Theta Jade, or Audiomeca Mephisto. Any thoughts on either of these would be appreciated.

My SCD777ES worked fine as a transport with my Audio Logic, although it is not as good-sounding to me as my Forsell, which has a more analogue-like sound (huge soundstage, bloom around instruments)--hence, I still use the Forsell. Difference was not huge, but musically significant to me. Of the units you mentioned, I know that the CEC TL-1X is a fine match for the Audio Logic, and is recommended by Jerry Ozment.
I am in a similar sort of situation. I am trying to get a transport and have been looking at a lot of them out there and I think I settled on one. It is the Northstar 192 transport. I cannot find anyone out there that has heard it, so I am taking a big jump into the unknown. What I do know is it had a very favorable review, albeit a review is a review. And it has a very good transport mechanism, some say the best u can CD Pro 2, it is the same one used in the audio research CD3, EMC1, Audio Aero capitole and probably others.

For what it's worth, check out the review.....

I think I am taking the my fingers crossed.
Look into an Audio Note CDT-2