Sonus Faber Toy Monitor or S.A. Minuet Supreme???

Hi guys.Anyone have any idea how the Minuet's compare to the Toy Monitors sonically.Need a musical LITTLE monitor for a desktop/computer based system that will be driven by a Peachtree Audio Music Box(20 wpc.,6922 Triode/Mosfet Hybrid Integrated Amplifier with built in Async.DAC).
Musical taste includes Classical,Blues(Acoustic & Amp'ed)a little Jazz,Reggae & Classic Rock.Since this will be a nearfield system,levels will NOT be ear bleeding but I do like to crank it up now & again.Thanks for your input.Take care...
If I were buying a small monitor I would buy the FJ mini. It is a fabulous little speaker I think from Germany.
I can't speak directly to your question, but I've had Minuettos (the littlest guys ever from SF, I believe) in my home office for +/- 20 years. Not the most neutral loudspeaker ever sold, but very satisfying sound from a shoebox sized cabinet.

Silverline Minuet Supreme plus