Sonus Faber Extrema manuals.

I´ve a pair of Extrema playing with my M. Levinson nº336. The speakers location is very important, but i have no manual to start or for better aknowledgement about it. All the tips (or copy of the manual) are accepted.
Thank you all.
The manual had nothing to say about speaker location. They are less critical of placement than my previous Electa Amators. Despite their reputation for needing space (based on their first order crossovers) for driver integration, I listen to mine in an equalateral triangle of 8 ft., with the speakers toed in so that I cannot see the outside plane. They are about 2 ft. from rear wall and many feet from side walls. They disappear, and heaven is mine. PS: Try BEL S-24 speaker cables.
I have two sources to recommend on speaker placement. Check out the speaker placement link on Audio Physic's website:

Also, the cardas site has some interesting stuff too:

Happy listening :-)