Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors / Manley Stingray??


Im in the process of purchasing a pair of Cremona Auditors. I have Aural Symphonic cables, interconnects, and a Rega CD player. The speakers will be set up in a small room, and listened to at relatively low levels.
The Cremonas seem effecient at 91db. But, they do drop to 4 ohms. Im wondering if the Stingray would be a good system match. Budget is a concern. Has anyone tried them with the Pathos or SF Musica amps? I do prefer an intergrated tube amp, but I am curious about the two amps mentioned above. All feedback is appreciated.

Contact Eva Ann at Manley. She is accessable, very knowledgeable!, and will probably know best if this is a match.
i think you don't have any problem with the stingray,the Auditors aren't a difficoult load, they drop to 4 ohm but just in the very low frequencies and for a small period, considering your size room and your acoustical lever i'm sure you'll be happy with a tube amp like this.Please forget the Musica it's not a very good amp.All my best and happy listenings.

I just bought a Pathos Classic one to drive Sonus Faber Amator2 and I'm very happy. When I was buying my previous Sonus Faber (Concerto Home) I heard them with SF Musica and LOVED it. I compared it to several integrated, the first Pathos Classic, Unison Research first SR1(I think), Copland (?) and Krell 300i. The Krell was a disappointement, to bright, cold, thin. Pathos, Unison, Copland, very loose bass, very boomy. The Musica was the last to play and put a smile on my and my gilrfriend's face. That was the perfect match for us. Thight bass, warm but detailed and lively sound. But I didn't buy it for one reason, I could not live with its looks!
If you can, listen to both the Pathos and Musica. The Musica is almost twice the price, if that's important.
Good listening
Have you also considered the VAC Avatar or Conrad Johnson CAV50, or maybe even an Antique Sound Lab/Cayin if budget is a concern? I am currently driving my SF Grand Piano's with the VAC Avatar with great results. Wide soundstage, good transparency with sweet mid-range. Great for classical music, jazz and vocal.

I've also recently sold my Rega Planet 2000 for a Cary and the difference is quite dramatic. Much more dynamic that I expected.
I had a CAV50 when it first came out. I was not impressed with that unit. The sound seemed compressed and dark. It did have a fair amount of detail it revealed, but the tonal signature was not to my likeing. It's been a while since I heard it, but from what I recall, it did not have good dimensional/soundstage qualities either.
I'll see if I can find a local VAC retailer and give the Avatar a whirl. Thanks guys, for the suggestions.
I'll try to see if I can audition a stingray with the speakers as well, being that is my 1st choice. Wonderfull little amp. Just hopeing it's a good system match. When I first heard the stingray I was quite pleased. We tried a missing link power cord on it. What a notable difference that made. Realy tightened up the bass. I'll keep you all posted on my progress. Hopefully I will find a good match in next couple months.