Sonic differences on High-gain vs Low-gain Amp

Any suggestions for a better sonic quality in using the Headphone Amp at a different setting ?

a. High-gain setting
b. Low-gain setting
Your suggestions and opinions are highly appreciated and

System used :
Meier audio Corda 3move portable headphone amp
Sennheiser HD600.
Umm, if you have the amp, why not just try it with the 2 different settings and see what *you* think?

It depends on how the gain is changed, if it is increased by reducing the feedback or reduced by increasing the feedback, then yes there will be a change in sound quality.
To what the differences are, are up to how good/bad the amp behaves (technically) ie: stability, oscillations, output impedance, frequency response ect. with these increases/reductions in feedback.

Cheers George