Song with only "Wa" "Wa" for lyric?

I heard a song at a restaurant that had only "Wa" "Wa" for lyrical content. If anyone can identify it I would appreciate it. God bless. I repeat, the ONLY lyrics in the song are "Wa" "Wa".
There's a George Harrison song off of All Things Must Pass, called "WahWah", but it does have different lyrics in the verses.

Can you tell us more about the sound? The style? etc.

I don't really remember any specifics other than it seemed like some type of "New Age" piece judging from it the other songs played at the time.
Sounds like Meredith Monk (something from 'dolmen music' probably) or you were just having an acid flashback or had just eaten a bad mushroom in your soup.
Rethinking it might be meredith monk from the LP 'book of days'. you can go to and take a listen to 'eva's song' under the cd 'book of days' if you really need to know. although that one's more of a na-na sound. but thats all there is. na-na-na (sorry, this is getting too weird - just go check it out if it's driving you as crazy as it's now driving me).
i hope you're happy, i'll be up all night!
I suppose my guess of Charlie Brown's Teacher doing her rendition of "O' Tannenbaum", with Vince Guaraldi accompanying on keyboard, isn't right.
Just checked out the Meredith Monk/Book of Days/Eva's Song and this was not what I am looking for and I am sure it is not by Vince either. Thanks for the help though.
Call the restaurant and ask them.
it wasn't meredith monk? ...oh no.
here i go again.