Angriest Lyric/Vocal

From Alannis Morrisette (Sic?) to Graham Parker to The Clash to many, many other artists, I've found that many rock songs are most memorable for their venom. I was wondering what examples this crowd might identify.
Behind Blue Eyes - The Who

Flying Colours - Jethro Tull



Rage Against The Machine "Bullet in The Head"
Iggy and The Stooges "Search and Destroy"
Cant get much more brutal then Pantera, if you can handle it.
"One of These Days"
Pink Floyd
Marianne Faithfull's "why d'ya do it", off album Broken English is seriously venomous.
Krisiun - take your pick.
procol harum-still there'll be more.....b.o.c.-career of evil......julie brown-the homecoming queen's got a gun.......the sex pistols-god save the queen.....john lennon-mother
Henry Rollins always seemed a touch too angry.

Regards, Rich
Guns & Roses - I used to Love Her....
Disturbed Sickness

His tirade at the female of the species about 2/3 through almost has to be turned down when in mixed company, but I like the rest of the track.
How about almost anything from later Roger Waters-era Pink Floyd. If you want to hear angst, listen to Animals, The Wall, or The Final Cut.
Dylan -- Masters of War
Lennon- Isolation
Lennon- Working Class Hero
Guns and Roses: "Get in the Ring". "F" you, suck my F'ing dick. He was addressing Bob Guccione Jr
Gram Parker "Mercury Poisoning" Best kiss-off to a record label ever

Nirvana "Rape me" Not the most sensitive?

REM "The one I love" Evidently not a love song
I love when Richard Cheese and his group Lounge against the machine covered Nirvana's "Rape me" as he introduces the song as being "For the ladies" twisted but funny.
Dylan.... Idiot Wind. Lennon...Helter Skelter
11-14-07: Audiofeil
"One of These Days"
Pink Floyd

Bill, "One of these days I'm going to chop you into little pieces"? C'mon, that's not anger, surely you can do better than that. ;^}

I can't beleive there is no Black Sabbath yet. How about Sabbath Bloody Sabbath or War Pigs?

Metallica had some anger issues too:
Am I Evil?
So What?

Henry Rollins: Liar

Danzig: Mother

John :)
"Idiot Wind" is way up there. Graham Parker does have a select few. as do "The Pogues". Oh you want titles? I'm getting old, I forget...
angry begins with Slayer. old metallica, black sabbath get honorable mentions.

but really, didn't it all start w/ pete townsend: "hope i die before i get old"?

also, check out modest mouse; not so much the lyrics as the delivery by isaac brock, which is new & remarkable.
Pantera was a glam/spandex act for many years before they realized that toughening up would help them sell records (if in disbelief, check Wikipedia.) "Am I Evil" is a cover (Diamond Head), not even a Metallica original.

Neither scrape the surface of what is possible from aggressive, heavy music. Try some genuine, bile-spitting heavyweights like Demolition Hammer or Destruction, that's the stuff!
Yes, it seems to all have started with Pete and "My Generation". Although Dylan's (and Woody Guthrie's, and others) protest songs pre-date Townshend, those protest songwriters were angry about some particular issue. The Who were just plain angry.

God bless you, Pete.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Elvis Costello, who has written some of the angriest songs of all. "Tramp the Dirt Down", his song about Maggie Thatcher, comes immediately to mind.

How about Strange Fruit, the Billy Holiday song, angry in a slow burn way.

Does heavy metal count?
Pink Floyd; "The Wall"- "One of my Turns"
No god bless you pete from me. As a local sign said here for a while, hey pete, the kid's aren't alright.
McCartney, not Lennon, wrote "Helter Skelter".

The song is about a popular amusement park ride in England.

The purpose of the song was to record something more raucous than anything by The Who.

There is longer version (20+ minutes) that was never released.
There’s one thing I know I'd like to live long enough to savour,
That’s when they finally put you in the ground,
I’ll stand on your grave and tramp the dirt down.

from a song ("Tramp the Dirt Down") written by Elvis Costello about Margaret Thatcher.
Firestarter - Prodigy
Just about everything from Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails.
Any lyric from Skinny Puppy's Too Dark Park
Sex Pistols, "BODIES" [about abortion...dripping with angry and vulgarity].

Ehaller, you do realise the the female intro narrative [wanna take a bath?!!] to Floyd's "ONE OF MY TURNS" is by Toni Tennille of the Capt. and Tennille?
Also, the Dead Kennedys and the Fugs, many selections.

The Sex Pistols' "Never Mind The Bollocks..."

One long, angry snarl from start to finish.
Pantera - Fuc**** Hostile
My all time favorite after Colbane. Vedder doing Lukin(pearl Jam).
"I'm gonna Lukin"skreeeetch. No code never gets any love and it sounds great< not often angry, am I on the wrong thread???? na!
Dixie Whiskey by EYEHATEGOD from "Dopesick"
Det Som Engang Var by Burzum on "Hvist Lyset Tar Oss"
Lennon-Gimme Some Truth
Lennon-How do you Sleep?
Public Enemy -- Fear of a Black Planet, "Burn Hollywood Burn"
I see numerous citations to heavy metal (which always impressed me a loud and obnoxious, but not necessarily *angry*), folk/protest rock (which strikes me as earnest and frustrated, but not *angry*), some post-punk/grunge (slightly angry, but only because they are sooo sensitive)...

The Sex Pistols is a start, but for pure, unbridled, white hot anger... The whole US hardcore scene--Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, the Germs, Millions of Dead Cops, Black Flag... Those were some pissed off people.
Back in my day, Dylan's Positively Fourth Street was an angry response by Mr. Dylan to those who criticised him leaving his folk roots to "go electric".
Edesilva, do you mean the Metal Devil Cokes? Or the Millions of Dead Christians? MDC identified new targets with their moniker as they saw fit, a clever usage. Some p'ed off fellas.
Marilyn Manson has many very angry songs.
"Run for Your Life" - The only Beatles song John Lennon had regrets about.

"Baby Blue" - Bob Dylan "He understands your orphan with his gun" (on Lyndon Johnson and the Viet Nam war).

"Electric Avenue" Eddie Grant
"In My Head" Black Flag
Not necessarily anger, but the recordings of Shelby Lynne and her sister, Alison Moorer, are very bitter. The story is that one or both witnessed their mothers untimely death and their music, in which they routinely question the existence of a higher power, etc., is strongly influenced by the event. Both are fantastic vocalists by the way.
Porterville by CCR.

Could also add Fortune Son.