Something More Efficient than Revel Studios?


I've been enamoured with Revel's Studios for quite a while, and have come pretty close to buying them - except that I'm tinkering with tube-land. As a result, I'd like to find comparably good speakers with sufficient efficiency to use low wattage amps, potentially in the 92db+ range. In addition, I'd like to get speakers that have a better appearance than the Studios - preferably in a wonderfully luxurious wooden cabinet. Can anyone suggest something that is equally good in the <$10k new range (though I plan to buy them used)?

Check out the Beauhorn Virtuoso. Made with Lowther drivers, wonderfully natural sound, and very cool looking. The Virtuoso is 106 db, with extremely well made wooden cabinets. These are the speakers for low power tube amps.
Take a look at JM Labs as one candidate. It has about the nominal sensitivity you are looking for. You can pick up the Mezzo Utopias here now new for about 7k. Not sure what you you mean by "low wattage amps." Lots of choices but only your ears. Are you set on buying a three-way tower?

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Check out Coincident speakers.
Check out the Tannoy Prestige series of products. The Japs love them with their tube amps. ( ) Excellant furniture pieces they are too. Quite expensive for larger models new. Very high efficient.
If you ever heard the Avantgarde Unos or Duos, I think you would forget about the luxurious wooden cabinets. I know I have! Granted, the Avantgardes visually are an aquired taste but looks ain't everything. I heard both the Revels and the Avantgardes in the same place and even though I was impressed with the Revels, there was no comparison. Perfect with tubes. 100+db efficiency. Unos new are $12k but are around $7k used.

Talon Audio- New the Ravens, used the Khorus.

Not as efficient as the speakers recommended above, but
will work well with tubes.