Revel Studios- amplfier suggestions please

Hello everyone
interested in people's experience with amplifiers for these awesome speakers.
i am driving them currently with a cal audio mca 2500 (500 wpc)
wondering if any "audiophile amps" either monoblock or stereo would give me a significant improvement?
also how do you all like these speakers?
I love my Studios.
I use a Mark Levinson No. 23. (200 wpc).
I used to use the Mark Levinson No. 27 (100 wpc).
I upgraded because I wanted to be able to really crank the music to realistic sound levels. I really like how the Levinson amps sound with the Studios. (As well they should, since they are designed with Levinson amps in mind.) I get plenty of detail, and LF extension with the Levinson amp. In addition, the soundstaging and imaging are greats.

I recommend the Levinson amps with the Revels. My opinion of course.

Good Luck!
I have a Krell fpb 300cx and I think the combination is great. I previously used bryston 4bst, and while it was good, the Krell is better by a measurable margin. good luck.
thanks for the advice!
i agree- the revels do pair well with levinson/proceed.

how about tube amps?
any thoughts from anyone.
just an idea but i have been looking at some tube mono-blocks.
Tubes are good, but I ended up with an interesting alternative harmonic precision. These are 110 wpc mono amps that are over 97% efficient. Incredible sound with my Revels. Very tubelike, but with advantages of solid state. Check out The levinson 400 series amps are great as well as conrad johnson.
I still like the SF Power3 amps with them although the Classe monoblocs come close.
i agree the sf power series
the power 3 are hard to get on audiogon though
i have seen a power 2 but just feel that it alone may not have enough power for these little monsters
any thoughts on older krell mono's or high power amps?
also, how many of you out there are bi-wiring?
I am bi-wiring with MIT CVT 770 speaker cable. It is very neutral, and it really lets the bass come through, something my old Tara cables did not do.
I biwire my Studios with Audioquest Dragon cables and power amps are Krell FPB 250M monoblocks. Interconnects are AQ Amazon. So far I am happy with my setup.

thanks for the replies
i am looking for a cheaper high-power alternative for mine
than the cal audio mca 2500 that they are currently being fed by
i am thinking of maybe a proceed hpa-2
or one of the older rowlnd or krell monoblocks.
if anyone has any experience with these i would appreciate it.
thanks for all the great talk thus far
I have a feeling many people would disagree with my choice of amplication for my Salons but I am totally content with my Bryston 7B-SST monblocks and the Bryston BP25 pre (especially with the new pre power supply, MPS-1).

I plug my amps directly into the wall with the Virtual Dynamics Signiture chords. I also use a VD Nite power chord on the pre-amp. The interconnects are all balanced and the 7B-SST amp gain is set to the lower of the 2 settings (very important with balanced interconnects) The sound is fatigue free, detailed, powerful, dynamic, and very emotionally satisfying. My muscial tastes are very eclectic.

I have also heard these speakers with expensise Mark Levinson amps and Halcro amps. My preferences in order were the Halcro, Bryston, and ML.
I don't have any problem with brystons. I think they have very similar features as proceed which pair quite well with the studios. I think either one of these would work well. I have heard the Brystons and initially hooked my studios to the HPA2 with great results. I would also look at conrad johnson. I initially had a system with Revel M20s,ect. hooked to amp2s and 3s, which were obviously satisfactory but generated a lot of heat for the space. I got the cj 5 channel amp to try out and the results were great. Very warm sound. These amps paired very well the Revels and a corresponding 2 channel would probably do well with the studios at a little higher power.
interesting idea
any thoughts on tube mono-blocks for these
i am cosidering some of the higher power vtl or sonic frontiers
any experiences?
also, how about classe components?
See above. My post suggested SF and Classe. Enjoying them both but not simultaneously. ;-)
which classe mono-blocks have you used?
i am also looking at some rogue magnum 120's but i fear that 120 wpc may not be enough to drive these speakers properly.
i guess i am looking for a killer tube monoblock wiht lots of power for not too much money.
i guess this must be what we are all looking for!
I've used the CAM-350s and the Omicrons. The latter are really excellent but none of these, I fear, fit your "not too much money" spec.