Someone tell me where to find wooden volume knobs

Like to replace the metal knobs on my preamp with wooden ones. Any idea who sells these? 1.5 - 2 inches in width.

Of coase they need to have the set screw set-up etc....


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order from blue circle

Makes me wish I had something that had knobs.
I purchased a set (in purple heart with set screw)for my TRL Pre-1.5 from Audiogon member "quackfat". He also made me a set of side panels (in rosewood) for my TRL D-225 amp. The guys at TRL themselves were quite impressed with his work. My amp is at TRL now and you can call Brian Weitzel to get his impressions.
Oops, Amendarae already linked to "quackfat's" web page.
Now that I took a closer look at the site mine are the purple heart knobs with maple inlays.
Did you check with Joseph at Audio Horizons?
Kevin Carter @ K&K Audio also has wooden volume knobs as he uses them for the equipment that he makes himself.
Try to contact him using his website:
Antique Electronics has a lot to examine.
Antique electronics:
Cut a disc off a fat dowel from home depot and drill it then stain.
Thanks for all the help. Great ideas here and that's one thing I love about Agon!