Soliloquy 6.5 vs. Coincident Super Eclipse same $

I need some help. Soliloquy 6.5 vs. Coincident Super Eclipse at basically the same cost. I don't have either dealer close by for comparisons. My systems consists of the following. CJ PV-11, Musical Design D-150 amp, Denon DP-60L turntable with Denon Cartridge, Musical Design CD player with Nordost Red Dawn interconnects and Kimber 8TC or Wireworld Atlantis speaker cables. I need to make a decision soon.
Thanks, Jim
Jim thats a tough one! I guess your room will decide for you .The Sols 6.5s need a large room.I don't have any experience with the CSEs.What are your room dimensions? Those 6.5s need to be at least 3 feet out from the walls.These speakers can move a tremendous amount of air!
Gmood1, My room stereo room is 13x17 with an 8.5 foot ceiling. The floor is fully carpeted. The speakers will be on each side of a Salamander Twin 30 rack 44 inches wide. Thanks for the help.
Jimd, I have a pair of Soliloquy 6.3 speakers in a great room 13x28. They fill this room with ease, at 13x17, I would be scared that the 6.5s are too much for yor room. This is sad as I love my 6.3s, and have heard some good things about the 6.5s. Also, I have mine 3' from the back wall and have heard advise on the 6.5 back wall clearance as much as 5'. I have gotten some advise on placement from Soliloquy, they were very helpful. Although they won't be unbiased as to which speaker to buy. There is a dealer in the suburbs of Chicago called "Holm Audio". This is where I first heard Soliloquy, I believe that they carried Coincident also. They might be of some help.

Jim I will have to agree with Todd.The 6.3s would be better for your room.The 6.5s would over power your room without a doubt! I also have 6.3s.. if I had the room I wouldn't mind having the 6.5s either!Good luck my friend.
Gentlemen, Thanks for the advice. I have not heard from any Coincident fans so, I think that I will stay within the Soliloquy family of products. This may end up costing me a lot of money if I do go with the 6.5s. I may have to buy a bigger house. Thanks for all your help, Jim
Oops. Maybe I am late but a very good friend has Coincident Super Eclipses in a room which is probably 13 x 20. He runs them from the narrow end facing the long way (we tried them the other way but it does NOT work. They definitely need to be out from the wall quite a bit (4' is better than 3') but they make beautiful music and work well in the room (no treatments, carpeting on floor). He drives them with an ARC VT200. They are among the best if not THE best dynamic speakers I have ever heard (my other favorite dynamic speakers so far are Avalon Eidolons but they are substantially less flexible in terms of amplification (and more bucks)) and among the high efficiency dynamic speakers I have heard, they are by far the least 'colored'. They are extremely revealing and somewhat unforgiving. FWIW, they match well with Coincident speaker cables.

I have not heard the Soliloquys and as such can make no comparison. Just thought that the Coincidents needed some representation... :^)
The Super E's are superb. I had them before moving up to the Coincident Total Victory, however would have no issue recommending them highly. I found them less fussy re: room palcement than the gentleman above- I had them in a 10'x16' room (along the 10" wall) and only about 18" from the back wall, and thye were great. With the Super E, you can feed it more power than some may suggest with no problem. I was using 160 wpc tube monoblocks and it really woke them up- a simply excellent performing speaker. Good luck!
Thanks Sutts and T bone, I am glad to hear form some Coincident fans. My room size is very similar to Sutts' room. I am glad to see that the placement of the Supers isn't as critical as I've heard. Thanks for the information. Jim
Where does the regular "Victory" fit in this mix?
I have the 6.5s but haven't heard the Super Eclipses. Judging from T_bone's comments though, I think they may fall on opposite sides of the neutrality line. He says the SEs are somewhat unforgiving. I would say the 6.5s are somewhat forgiving. They have a beautiful midrange. The treble is a little polite which makes for very low listening fatigue. However, they are close enough to neutral you can make them sound bright or dark, or anywhere in between, via cable selection.

One thing to note, you have to hear a well broken-in pair of 6.5s to get their true character. Out of the box, they are dark and muddy. After 500 hours you can't believe it's the same speaker.
May I ask which version of the Coincident Super Eclipses you're considering? I believe they may differ enough to warrant clarification in this discussion.

I have the original version in a 12 x 17' room being driven by about 100 tubed watts. I find the Supers somewhat picky about placement for two reasons: 1. their bass output is prodigious and can overwhelm a room with bass bloats and suckouts. 2. Their side-firing double woofers require a different approach to placement than front firers.

In the two different rooms I have used them in, I have found that placing the woofers on the inside and well into the room on the short wall works best. In my current setup, I place the mid-point between the two staggered woofers (on each speaker) at 63" from the wall behind them and 38" from sides walls (a la Cardas placement formula).

Another factor to keep in mind is the relatively high impedance of the Supers. This favors tube amplification since SS reduces its output significantly with higher impedances. The only SS amp I tried with my Supers was the 47 Labs Gaincard S (50-watt version) with double power supplies, and I did not find the result satisfying.

I can recommend the Supers if you have very smooth, tubed electronics and can be flexible with their placement.

As far as a direct comparison with either the Soliloquy 6.5 or even 6.3...never have done the side-by-side to know. I have heard other Soliloquy speakers and have liked them: integrated, coherent, musically meaningful presentation.

You can get these things from the Supers with low and powerful bass; you just have to work at it.
Kalan, The Supers have the latest tweeter upgrade and the associated crossover, but that is all I know about the vintage. I am going to run whichever speaker with an 150 watt SS Musical Design amp. The pre-amp will be a tubed CJ PV-11.

I have a question. Do the woofers on the Supers have to be facing each other? The Soliloqys have rear firing bass ports which creates its own unique positioning problems. Thanks for the information. Jim

From your comments referring only to the tweeter and crossover I'm guessing these would be the Series II. The Series III released this year have carbon-fibre midrange units, as opposed to the magnesium ones in Series III. The latest one also has a port on the front, according to the Coincident web site. Also, the midrange units are mounted in cutouts so the frame is flush with the front baffle, whereas the Series I and Series II had these drivers standing proud.

The woofer arrangement gives flexibility. I have my Eclipses on the long wall with plenty of side clearance, so I have the woofers facing out.

I have not done a comparison either. I must say that the Supers sound, well, "super", in my system. They don't come up that often on the second-hand market, which is a guide to the level at which they are appreciated (I think so).

Israel has also re-tuned the bass with the newest Supers to be a bit tighter...
Tetralla's speculation that the version of Super E's you have a line on is probably correct: version II or something close to that.

A user and Israel Blume have told me that the III really does improve upon the strengths of both the I and II versions (assume that means it also mitigates the "needs-improvement" areas). I get the impression that the III really amounts to significant re-think.

You may want to hold out for a III.