Anyone heard the Coincident SET ???

Israel Blume is very high on his amps compared to Manley Neo-Classic.
But no dealers or home audition so wanted to know if anyone had heard them.

yes- the monoblocks are very good, especially on his Victory's- a synergistic combo...
ANTIQUE SOUND LAB product is all it is. Yes they are not in the same League as Manley. The Manley slay them.
glamont, did you mean the amp was made by ASL? I am interested in it too.

Yes they are made by ASL...but apparently heavily modified.
Izzz's amps are excellent- I know from first-hand exeprience, HOWEVER, I am smitten right now with the latest ASL 1009 60-watt 845-based monos- they are SUPERB (with some basic mods by Israel), and an excellent match with hos speakers as well.