Solid state preamp for 1500 used

Ok, guys , best SS pre for $1500 used, lets assume $3000 new. I will be running it with a BAT VK200 solid state amp, MIT 330 shotgun prolines interconnects, and Audio Physic Virgos, Tempos or sparks. Lets get some recommendations....Mark
Hi Mark,

An obvious recommendation for your system would be to go with a BAT solid state preamp. The VK20 would be a little less than $1500 used and the VK40 would be in the 2-2.5 range depending on options such as batpack and remote. If you would venture toward tubes I would recommend a BAT VK5 which you should be able to find in $1500 used range. A great match with your amp and your speakers.

Good luck in your search.
I would stick with BAT too. Makes avoiding mismatches very easy. Arthur
Also the Conrad Johnson PFR.
It's an older model, but still highly musical. I sold
mine for $1050 about 6 months ago, and the price is
increasing. They're commanding $1300-1500 on eBay.
I agree with BAT, but if for some reason you have to be different, try an Ayre K-3 or ARC LS-12, also excellent and in your price range.
I second sugarbrie's suggestion. The Conrad Johnson PFR preamps are very musical and tube like in their aound quality.

Good luck finding an Ayrte K-3 for $1500.
If you ever do find one for that price, BUY IT!

The K-3x is an amazing preamp.