Software Question

I use J Rivers Media Center 16 and I am very happy with it. Is there an app that I can use when media center is playing that will display the amount of bits (16,24,32), sampling frequency and bitrate of the music that is playing?
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Im not a Jriver user. Have you ever tried foobar?
Right click on the Playing Now display at the top of the screen and select customize display. You can add any fields you want to the display - e.g. [bitrate] [bit depth] [sample rate]
You can also put expressions in the display text. For example, to only show bit depth and sample rate when bit depth is greater than 16,

if(compare([Bit Depth],>,16),[Bit Depth]//formatnumber([Sample Rate],0), )

will only display the bit depth and sample rate if the bit depth is great than 16. If >16, this will produce 24/96 for example. The formatnumber expression will remove the .0 for 96.0. You need the // since one / is a special character in J River.

Thank you so very much. I was able to customize and I am very happy with the results.
Glad to help. J River is very flexible, it is just that many of the options are not that easy to find. I keep finding little things all the time. You even motivated me to do some changes to the display that I have been wanted to do for a while.