Synergistic Research Atmosphere XL4 no longer works with Apply software update?

"Apply" = Apple IOS

My Synergistic Research Atmosphere XL4 does not work because of an Apple OS software update?

It is noted on the SR website that they are working on a fix. Anyone found a work around? SR recommends you downgrade back to the previous IOS. If you do not have a back-up with the previous IOS version, (which I do not) then you cannot. I just bought this ipad for the Atmosphere so I do not have an old backup.

I do have an iphone with the old IOS but it cannot find the SR app in the app store. I guess the SR app only works on ipads?

Amazing frustrated that SR is not providing some way for their installed base to use the Atmosphere. A remote control or something. Makes we question their engineering decisions - they based the operation of their device on an app that they cannot support. How hard would it have been to put a control panel on the unit?

Any help would be appreciated.
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I heard back from SR the next day after I wrote:

Hi Dan,

We do have the fix. It is a firmware update that has to be done at our factory. Peter will get you an RMA # to reference so we can get it updated and shipped back to you. Please let us know the address to return to.   Thank you

I had the same issue last year when my ipad updated to iOS 12.  The fault is NOT with SR.  Apple changed the way bluetooth connectivity works without bothering to tell anyone.  I have an Atmosphere XL4 and had the same opportunity to return it for a free fix (actually a hardware not software fix).  I opted to find my wife's old ipad (that won't run anything beyond iOS 9) and I installed the app on that one.