Smooth Jazz ---- Well recorded redbook CDs compilations.

Seeking recommendations on well recorded Smooth Jazz CDs. Something real smooth, lush, slow and moody. Arrangement preferably centered around piano and/or guitar. As little sax as possible. Sax gives my ears too much of a workout and listening fatigue will set in real quick. 

Something like this --->
Bill Mize - Coastin'

Terrific recording, guitar, cello, not a sax in sight...
George Benson Breezin . ...probably the sound that started it all.

Bill Wolfer:  "And it Rained All through the Night".

Everything by Fourplay.  

Guitar based:
"Larry and Lee" (Larry Carlton/Lee Ritenour)
"Collections" (Larry Carlton)
"Dangerous Curves" (Jeff Golub)

"Right Here Right Now" (David Benoit)
"Flipside" (Jeff Lorber)

"Night Sessions" (Chris Botti)

Btw...Happy 2017
urban knights,charlie hunter trio, joe sample

Charlie Hunter.
paul hardcastle.  a bit different, but suits my mood sometimes.