Small Room On/In-Wall/Ceiling Recommendation

We just moved and are in the midst of renovating an older home and one of the rooms will be my listening room (home theatre) and son's playroom. I primarily listen to 2 channel vinyl but have started to get in to 5.1 music a little. We have a very active 3 year old who like to push on speakers so I have to switch to either on-wall or in-wall speakers or get him a straightjacket. Dimensions of the room are 11x20 with 9 foot ceilings though the listening area itself will be about 11x12 (the rest is my son's play area). My budget for all 5 speakers is about $2500-3000 and I listen to primarily 60's/70's rock, jazz, and some classical.

Since hardly anyone has these type of speakers available for demo, I am buying somewhat blind. Anyone have experience with these? Even if you don't know these, I would like to hear some experiences you may have with other candidates. Seems like everyone is making in-wall speakers now, so the choices are getting mind-boggling.

Polk 265 LS series
Revel IW90
Gallo A'Diva TI
Noble FIdelity LS-82

My current equipment is:

Polk LSI9's and Center with Def Tech Bi-Pole in rear
Emotiva XPA-3 to drive the mains
Onkyo TSXSR 806 receiver which drive the rears
Denon DVD 2930 DVD/SACD
B&O 9000 turntable
NAD PP2 Phono Preamp

My intention is to upgrade some of the components a little later on but this is the first step.
I've used a mix of Gallo Micros and A'divas in a room much larger than yours with very good results. There's little doubt in my mind that - when coupled with the right subwoofer(s) - this is a great value solution for Home Cinema use. IMHO, it's also a reasonably good, tho certainly not great, solution for music.

I currently use: my HT room and am really pleased witht he results. They also look great.

IMHO, this is a significantly better solution for music but might crush the budget unless you can find a used pair.

Good Luck.

I have Revel in-ceiling speakers to match my revel c32 and m22s and. They are timbre matched wonderfully. If you like the Revel free standing then you will like the in walls too. IW90s--I wouldn't think twice.

I have the Performa ic15 for sides and concerta T2s for rears. They are very dynamic and easy to drive and sound great.