Speaker recommendations

System so far is as follows; Jolida 302A intg amp, Jolida 603A CD, Rega Planar2 w/Elys, MF X-LP phono. I've been switching my Paradigm Phantoms between HT set-up and the Jolida rig. Just wondering out loud on the keyboard, maybe I could get some suggestions for a speaker set to use on the tube rig. Use is 50/50 Blues/Rock and I like it loud :-) thanks
I cant say enough about Coincident Speakers.
Have you considered the Klipsch RB5? These are excellent at reproducing rock/blues, and will play loud and clean enough to be satisfying to just about anyone. Also efficient enough for tubes. Wire in a good sub, and you'll be hard pressed to find a floorstander at anywhere near the price that will outperform these with heavy rock/blues.
Price Range? My general suggestion for anything under $1k is Paradigm speakers.
One word - Totem. You will like them.
Coincident(I own them), Vandersteen, Meadowlark, Totem.
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I owned a 302A a couple of years ago and tried a few speaker combinations. Hands down the best speakers I paired with the Jolida were JM Labs Daline 3.1's. There was a synergy in the system I have never been able to reproduce.
I'm a rocker as well. No regret with Meadowlark's Heron-i!