Small Floor Stander or Monitor For Large Room

I have a 15x33' dedicated room that I am trying to get a smaller speaker in for better imaging, etc. I have the bass region taken care of to around 70hz.
I am looking for a small floor stander or monitor that will be able to fill the room with sound while maintaining excellent soundstage/image and still creating as much dynamics as possible, without sounding forward.

I currently have a pair of Silverline Sonatas that sound like I want as far as dynamics and warmth.

I am looking at Silverline 11,12,15,17 series, Totem Model One, Arro, Hawk, Forrest

My system is Wadia 850 GNSC, Acoustic Reality 1001 monos, Wygerzyn silver wires.

Thanks in advance.
My price range is no more the $1400 new or used.
Damn, that means those $1599 Gallo Reference 3s on Audiogon are not in play for you. Too bad, they otherwise fit the bill to a T - superb soundstage and imaging, very dynamic, and a very small footprint for a floor-standing speaker. Beg, borrow, or steal the extra $200 and go for the Gallos - you'll be glad you did...

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I owned the Sr-15s and the Totem Model 1s and for your purpose the SR-15s are a good candidate. My listening room is much smaller but the SR-15s are a much larger sounding speaker. They can really produce nearly full scale sound without srain. The Model 1s were a little anemic IMO. Good luck.
Joseph audio or Proac might be the ticket.

No monitors for a room of that size, even with crossed over to a good sub the blend is difficult.

A good imaging floor standing speaker would perform much better and be easy to integrate with a subwoofer for even more low end

Great imaging floor standers are plentiful. Gallo Ref would be an excellent choice.
Nice looking pair of Proac 2 with stands on this site $1300..These should fit the bill very nicely........
i also have a medium to large size dedicated room and have had different pairs of totem speakers during the past 5 years. if you want to play your system at loud levels, you should look at the mani 2's if you want a monitor speaker and the hawk or forest if you want a floor standing speaker. i have had the arros and the model 1's in the past and they are excellent speakers for certain applications. arros have a small 4" woofer, you probably would start to over extend it if playing at loud levels. they worked great in my 10 x 12ft den. i used the model 1's in my smaller size room with a rel sub and they were excellent. i currently use the mani 2's in my 13 x 24' room and they sound fantastic. i disagree with audiooracle about using monitors in a large room. if you are going to use a subwoofer(s), you could fine tune your room for both the best sound stage and for the the bass by placing each piece in the optimum position. for example, to get the best soundstage, it might require you to place the monitors out into the room 5 ft from the back wall. for the best bass, it might require you to place the subs in the corner, on the side walls, etc.., but probably not at the same location as the monitors. there are excellent floor standing speakers and monitors that would work for you. it all boils down to what you like and how much time you want to spend tweaking to get the best sound. good luck.
Thanks for the responses, the Totems and Silverlines are still a "house sound" that I seem to like, I was told to look at the SP Tech Timepiece or mini, they look interesting too.
Don't count out the Totem 1s. They can sound small and "shut in" or "open" and dynamic depending on the amp you use. I don't know at what levels you listen, but run fullrange with subs in my medium room, anemic is not a word I would ever have used. Numbers don't really tell much about how the Totems respond to an amp, so this is something you may have to test run to know with yours. I know there are a lot of great speakers out there but I have a real soft spot for the Totem One sound.