Sirius Satellite Radio on DishNetwork

Sirius Satellite Radio is now available on DishNetwork. If you have DishNetwork, check channels 6001-6099. I happened across them today. There is a message on the DN Website about it.
is there a extra cost to listen?
There is no added cost for Sirius: it also doubles-up on the regular music channels already in place.
No extra cost - at least for the time being. Programming - for classical, jazz and 50-60's rock/pop music - in superb. I've subscribed to Sirius since 3/03 and love it.
They are included in all but the 'cheapest' package from what I saw.
Any idea why the first part of the artist, title, etc. is now shown on screen? This is frustrating when you try to find out who is doing a particular song and cannot.
Brian, Each station has a screen that identifies the artist, son, album, and label. For example,right now I happen to be listening to a station called Deep Cuts Classic Rock. The screen looks like this:

Artist- les
Song- ony

I know that this particular song is by the Beatles. Why is the "Bea" not shown.
I do not have this problem Papertrail; I checked the exact channel you mentioned and it reads fine...Although 'Album' isn't part of the info, unfortunately.
Bryan, do you have Dish Network? Would/did you check other stations?
Hi Papertrail--Yes, I have Dish Network and the labeling reads correctly on every station I have tried. Stations 6001-6099.

Thanks Brian, I guess I need to give Dish a call. Something has to be wrong.