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XM vs Sirius Portable Receivers - What's Out There
Baffled,You hit the nail on the head. I have both services and you could not have said it better.....One note on the portable players. As far as hardware goes, Xm seems to be out in front on this issue. If your looking for a portable that receives... 
What is The Best DVD player for VIDEO?
My monitor is a older Sony XBR squared with a great picture but no dvi. 
What is The Best DVD player for VIDEO?
Bigtee,To be honest, I've been looking at some of the Sony's buy trying to figure out the difference between all the models(xe777,s9000 and all the other 7's, 9's) is difficult? To many models. 
Sirius Satellite Radio on DishNetwork
is there a extra cost to listen?