Sirius home tuner paired with a DAC

Like many Sirius home listeners, I really enjoy the variety of music and programming but would like to improve on the sonics. Has anyone paired their Sirius tuner with a DAC? If so, how would you rate the improvement and what type of DAC did you use?

I know that the best answer is to "test out some DAC's" but that is easier said than done currently. So, anyone who has some thoughts or suggestions, I welcome your input.

Current second system (with the Sirius tuner in it) is composed of the following: Classe CAP-150 integrated, Sonus Faber Audior M speakers, Lexicon RT-20 CD player, Sirius SRH-2000 tuner, Analysis plus interconnects/ speaker cable.

Thanks again for all your help.
Honestly it won't matter much. The Sirius signal is so compressed it is like a 128kbps MP3 at best by the time it hits the tuner. GIGO.