Single Source Tube PreAmp?

I'm vinyl only and I want to use a good a preamp as possible, but I don't want all those inputs and switches and extras. Just attenuation. Is there such thing as a single input tube preamp? I've tried just the attenuators like the Placette and a TVC model but they are a bit dry. Loved the sound of an SP11 but it's just too much component.
What's your price range...Aesthetix Io can be configured this way....
The Coincident Statement Phonostage might be what you`re looking for. Several reviews are available on line.

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Are you looking for a line stage or a phono stage?
The Manley STEELHEAD tube phono stage can be setup as a preamp and has a very good following.

Many reviewers considered it "state of art" a while back.
So long as you have a phono stage for your turntable, you could get by with a tube buffer such as an Decware Z-Stage, which has a single input, tube gain stage, and gain control. I own a Z-Stage and just installed a Sophia Electric 12AU7 tube. I am even more happy with it now. Eastern Electric also make a tube buffer that looks quite good and has good reviews.
Line stage. I have an ASR Basis Exclusive, so the Steelhead isn't really what I'm looking for, although I considered it when I bought the ASR but the ASR sounded better in my setup.