Single disc player vs.multiple

I have a sherwood cdc 5030r multiple cd player that I would like to upgrade.It is a good idea to do that to a multiple disc player.
If you like the convenience of the multi-disk option, try the California Audio Lab changers, CL-5, 10, and 15 (I think). They will be a significant step up and the CL-10 is a former S'phile Class B (FWIW).
gabe: there are NO multi-disc transports that can compete, sonically, with the better or best single-play units. 'course, as with everything, there are compromises that can be made, if you're more interested in "convenience" than the best-of-the-best; in such case, swampwalker's suggestions are, as he notes, then worth considering. as for me, i can't imagine anyone's truly "needing" a multi-disc player, unless he is physically handicapped or operating an elavator or two. -cfb
Why not keep your sherwood and buy a nice single disc player? You could use the sherwood for parties, or whatever.
Get the the Pioneer multidisc DVD player and send it to Stan Warren of Supermods for upgrading (another $250). You will be pleased. Stan uses this model in his shop system. He claims he does not have time to constantly change discs while he works, and he can program it to play his favorites.