SR BLACK UEF Outlet break-in and why you shouldntdo multiple tweaks at once.

I've recently had the good fortune of acquiring some more SR products, namely the powercell 8se with UEF black outlets and atmosphere 2.0 power cable , mig 2.0 to replace my Herbies tenderfeet for my source , UEF panels, which have yet to arrive, and a UEF outlet for the wall, which replaced a teslaplex se.

Now, The powercell came first, and I am  FLOORED at how much improvement this conditioner brought to my system.  From the initial fire up, it sounds absolutely stunning. It now has about 6 days of break in.  It was so good, I ordered the additional mentioned items, which came yesterday, minus the panels.

I properly replaced the the teslaplex se in the wall with the black UEF, and installed the mig 2.0's under the source and Played with both settings. The sound quality took a couple of steps backwards, from these two installations. Funny because, the powercell's UEF outlets never went through any "ugly" phase, but this black outlet in the wall, without any burn in, is just nowhere near what the burned in teslaplex se was. (Shocker 🙄) I guess, no judgement should be made until the outlet is broken in, and I shouldn't have even put the migs on until the outlet stabilizes.  

I guess my excitement got the best of me, and now I've disrupted the state of the's going to be a long break in process, for sure.  

tweaking is definitely season-taste, season-taste.

anyone else have any similar experience? 

Definitely take out the MiGs and wait until the outlet settles. Personally I've never liked the effect of the MiGs in any place I've tried to use them, I found them to add an edgy/steely sound. 

I also had no problems burning in my Black outlets, they sounded good from the get go (replacing Tesla's as well) but others claim they need a long burn in -- probably best to plug an appliance in and leave it a few days
Yeah, I have had items that took 200+ hours to break in.  Many times, an item will sound wonderful for the first 2-3 hours, then it will start its ugly phase.  Sometimes this phase is really painful and it goes through several transitions where it might become very bright or distorted or warm/slow sounding or soft.  It just takes time.
If you keep all the items in place, you can burn them all in at the same time.  Then do judgements after 150-200 hours.  If you do one item at a time, it's another 150-200 hours for each item burn in. lol.
Came home tonight, and heard some promise, but definitely still cooking.  I can tell, even though the outlet hasn't cooked yet, that the black outlet is smoother than the teslaplex se, and doesn't have the sizzle factor.  Still waiting for the soundstage to bloom. Bill Evans, live at at the village vanguard sounded very smooth tonight, but had no sparkle, and the soundstage has not blossomed just yet.  Everything is still "attached to the speakers". BUT,  it definitely sounds better than yesterday.  It's obviously a great outlet, because they are used in my power conditioner, I just have to be patient for the one I'm the wall to catch up to the ones in the conditioner. 
Yep, I've been there and learned one change at a time, otherwise you can't tell what the effect of the newly added item is. I think most likely all of us that have been into this hobby are guilty of multiple additions at the same time (LOL)!

Be paitent and let your system go from good to unpleasend and back (like ground haugh day) and it will evently make beautiful misic again.

Seriously; I suggest giving these SR units a 2 year break in before any further
comment. This will add a degree of reality that only time can impart.

I too was never impressed with the MiGs.

I now use all Stillpoints Ultra SS under all (except amp) my equipment.

I like the SR black fuses, but passed on the SR black outlets. I did have the SR first outlet version, but, I couldn’t believe what cheap quality they were for the price.

So, I’m still sticking with my Furutech outlets.


@ptss two YEARS?!! Surely you jest..

My last car was a mazdaspeed 3 that I modded a bit. On the forums everyone always said to do one upgrade at a time, so if something wasn't installed properly or needs adjusting you aren't wasting time figuring out which part it is..
So, I pulled the migs out and put the tenderfeet back. The migs have a better controlled bass, but the highs, at least at the moment, don’t seem as sweet. The outlet has 100 hours, so it should start to open up soon. The teslaplex se still wins at the wall for now.  On another note, I installed the UEF panels today. They are fantastic. I’ll probably do a review at some point. They give a huge shot of focus, and bring you to the front row. The system also sounds smoother from top to bottom. After 150-200 hours pass on the outlet, I will revisit the migs and do a more involved comparison. Right now, it’s just too much change. My Sony SACD player may not mesh well with them. The panels however, are a no brainer.
An update-

a twist in the story-  

The day I installed the black outlet, we had guests, and I had to inflate a full size air mattress and use the music room for the guests. Because I am lazy, I left it there for a while, and just now cleared it from the room...

You guessed it instant improvement in transparency.  A huge vinyl air bladder in your room is NOT good. It is basically a big sympathetic drum killing the clarity.   I honestly didn't think anything of it. I should  have known better, honestly and not been lazy in putting the air mattress away.  I dint think it would have affect the room in such a way!  Now I know.  

It it seems the black outlet is indeed on the path to greatness.  I'm just a fool.  
An audiophool! We all are. I love those moments when you realize you were being stupid and it's a relief!