SimAudio i3.3 vs Naim SuperNait

I have an NAD 375BEE currently powering my Dynaudio Focus 220s and REL Stadium II. I'm looking to upgrade the integrated.

I love SimAudio with Jazz and Rock and the Naim with Classical and Acoustic Music.

Wondering if anyone has done a side by side comparison of the i3.3 and SuperNait?

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How about the i3.3 vs. Naim XS? Have done that one. To me, the Sim is more detailed and perhaps a little lean (I hate to use the term clinical) with a very tight bottom end. The Naim has that PRat thing going - nice pace and rhythm, but lacks in most other areas, with a loose bottom end, and odd top end (seems like you are missing something).

Very different pieces in my view - almost opposites.

I'd shoot for something right in between. I'm using a Pathos Classic one MkIII
I had a Supernait and sold it due to the hype/reviews of the 600 and 700 amps, and bought an I-7. When I researched the I-7, I found the same kind of hype and raves. Well, I really regretted selling the Supernait. I think it is a much better amp than the I-7. I would assume that means it would also be better than the i3.3.
I think you are looking at two excellent integrated's but personally I think the Naim is way better. You lose a bit of the detail that the Sim has over the Naim but the Naim wins in every other aspect.
I have demoed Naim gear and its terrific. The i5 is a nice contender for the Supernait.
I home auditioned a Sim i3.3, a NAIT XS, and a Naim UnitiQute. I ended buying the Naim UnitiQute. It is the best sounding of the three. The Sim sounds great, but just not as refined and musical as the Naim. For what it's worth I have the Moon 110 LP phono preamp.