Naim Supernait Upgrade time

Hello folks, need some help.

I currently have a Naim Supernait 1 powering Audio Physic Tempo 6's.

This system is in my main living space and is also utilized for TV and Movies.

For music I stream Tidal hifi using coax from a bluesound node2i. Note that the supernait does not decode MQA, yet i still prefer to pass the digital signal and let its internal DAC handle the conversion (vs letting the node2i handle it).

For tv and movies I go Apple Mac Mini HDMI into TV, and TV digital out (optical) into the Supernait.

I spend 15% music and 85% movies and TV.

I'm left wondering what the best course of action is for an upgrade. Ive considered selling the supernait and going into something else. Keeping it and adding a hicap. Keeping it and adding a subwoofer (although not sure the best route for connectivity). And all things in between. As an aside, I find the music listening experience to be a bit fatiguing in this setup and im not sure what the remedy is for this.

Does anyone have any guidance?  


I saw your post on the Naim forum. My advice is to replace the Supernait with another amp from a different maker if you find the current set up to bring high listening fatigue.

I have very recently been demonstrated a Naim Supernait during a demonstration/comparison session within a Group of listeners.

It was used following a EAR Valve Amp' and Prior to a Retro Valve Integrated Amp. The Naim was for myself the most difficult to adapt to out of the follow up comparison, it does not compare well to a Valve Power Amp or Retro Valve Integrated, the Naim was not what I would say, a reflection of some of the SS Amp's I have heard and been impressed by.   .

I suggested the next demo' would be better if compared to other SS Amp's.

I have been demonstrated SS Amp's in comparison to SS and Valve, and the outcome has been much more impressive, where the SS Model, is recognised for its attractive traits.

Out of Eight attendees, the Owner and One other were vociferous for their attraction to the Naim.