Simaudio I-7 or Pass INT-150

Has anyone heard both of these integrated amps? Any A/B comparisons would be appreciated.
With anything it has to do with how it works with the rest of your system. They are closer to each other than different.

They both have good soundstages with the Pass being better in this area.

They both have a slight metalic shimmer in the highs that can be bad with dry or bright speakers. The Pass is warmer in the upper midrange which helps mask this.

Both have fast bass with the Simaudio having an edge in this area.
The rest of my system is a Simaudio Supernova cd player and Dynaudio Contour 1.4 speakers.
i think the BAT really works well with my C1s...and its cheaper than either option
I demoed both and found the Pass to have better resolution and transparency while being more musical. The Plinius was good, but the sound seemed closed-in compared to the Pass.
Oops, I meant to say Simaudio, not Plinius. But it holds true for the Plinius as well.
It's all in the matching as I said. The Plinius is actually more musical but because the Dynaudio's are already warm and smooth the Pass would be a better match. Other great matches would be the Primare. A good affordable match would be the Musical Fidelity 5.5 but only because the Dynaudios are smooth and they love power.
Both are generally well received amplifiers, but there are so many other choices to consider. Jeff Rowland, AMR, GamuT, Conrad Johnson etc. If you are interested i have listened and written about some of these products as i was looking to replace my own integrated.
Both sim and pass make great sounding stuff... you've already got the Supernova, might as well keep it sim.
I would agree, since you have the supernova and Simaudio uses Dynaudio's in their system at stereo shows, go for the 1-7!!
Sim and Dyn have a marketing agreement, hence why they are shown together. personally think the BAT is a better combination fwiw.
Keeping it all Sim does not guarantee the best sound reproduction. You'll only find that out if you widen the search net a little. To add to Keithr's comment, BAT makes a wonderful integrated amp which IMHO would be a better go-between for Dynaudio speakers.
Kiwi -
Read your reviews. Did you ever settle on a new integrated?