Silverline Sonata work ok with Cary 300B SEI

integrated amp? If anyone has used this combo, I'd appreciate any feedback, good or bad.

I'm thinking about making a major speaker upgrade. Currently running Soliloquy 6.2i's driven by BAT VK 200 ss amp, BAT VK30 tubed pre, Jolida JD 100.

I'm considering the following speakers:

1. Silverline Sonata Mk I or II are currently tops on my list: I like that they are high efficiency, are full range, look good, and allow use of a wide variety of amps, including low powered SET amps which are intriguing. The CARY 300B SEI integrated amp has always interested me. Just not sure if it has the kahoona's to drive the Sonata's to their maximum potential.

2. Vandersteen 3A Sigs. Supposedly a "can't miss" speaker, but my only interaction with Richard Vandersteen was very negative... this guy is a rude dude... kind of cooled my interest in all things Vandersteen. Also low WAF.

3. Tyler Accoustics Linbrook mMonitors or tower. Good looking speakers with a good reputation.

4. Sonus Faber Grand Home Piano. I hear good things about this speaker and Sonus Faber in general, but I'm not sure if this is enough of an upgrade to make a significant impact. Also concerned that it may not have the bass & dynamic impact that I'd like to hear when listening to rock.

5. Audio Physic Virgo's... probably out of my price range ($3K max used). Not sure if these are a great value, as they appear to be available fairly regularly.

Music interests range from Rock (Paul Westerberg is #1 on my list) to Dianna Krall, Lyle Lovett, Wilco, Son Volt, Jack Johnson, some Jazz & even classical on occassion.
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Alan Yun (Silverline) demonstrates his speakers with a 7W 300B SET amp, and we drove our Sonata II's with the same power. Plenty of punch to drive everything, until you get to hard rock (a la Tool), where I personally felt like the bottom end just wasn't there enough. Not because of the speakers, but because of the amp. The Sonata II's are phenomenal speakers, but I'm not sure I'd start there.

Excuse me for taking your thread sideways, but my suggestion would be to upgrade your source first. We owned the Jolida--slightly modified--and I assure you there is a lot of room to grow from there. If you like the sound that you have (the BAT amps are terrific, IMO), I would start by replacing the Jolida. You might still want to upgrade your speakers as well (we went from the 6.2 to the Sonata II, in fact), but I'd first see just how much you can get out of the source. Those are my two cents worth.

Thanks for your input. I agree that my source (Jolida JD 100)is a weak link. The Jolida was actually a downgrade from a Meridian 588.. I only sold it so I could upgade to the BAT amp & pre (formerly had the YBA entry level 3 series amp & pre). The Meridian did bring my system to another level, but with limited funds available, I had to make some sacrifices to upgrade in other areas. I'm thinking of a Sony XA7ES for my next source (I don't do SACD). If my budget allows, maybe the Ayre CX-7.

Any other thoughts on the speakers... do you agree that they would be a significant upgrade over the Soliloquys as far as dynamics and bass response? Do you think the Cary 300B SEI would be an ideal match?

Also curious as to why you replaced the Sonatas? I'm guessing you like the Klipsch better?
Have you been spying on us? Because we had an XA7ES as well! Only joking, of course.

Whether or not the Cary would be what you want, I can't say. I'm a huge fan of the SET sound, and it really changed the way that my wife and I listen to (and buy) music. It may or may not be what you want, but it will certainly not hold back the Sonata's. Those speakers sound very good with virtually any amp pairing. They have a much fuller sound than the 6.2, and more refinement in the highs as well. When we had ours, we used them primarily with a hybrid amp, and mostly for rock. However, we did occasionally use the SET amp with them as well. No issues at all with respect to that pairing, other than the fact that we simply preferred the sound of the Klipsch.

Ultimately, we sold the Silverline's because we were going to have two systems (they were part of the second), but decided instead to have only one...for now. My wife and I both love the sound of the Klipsch, particularly with the SET amps. But they are just that, a particular sound that appeals to some, and not to others.

As we have charged through the ranks of CD players, I've come to understand the importance of the source component. Everything else is limited to the capabilities of the source component. Nothing further down the chain will make up for what it can't do. I would definitely hold onto anything you own if you are going to try out other players. In other words, don't sell the Jolida before you're sure you like the XA7ES, for example. The sound is dramatically different, and you may/may not find it to be an upgrade.

All I can say is that every time I was convinced that I could attribute a particular sonic characteristic (read: shortcoming) to our speakers or amps, the issue disappeared when we upgraded the source. It is THAT important, and ultimately is the anchor that either solidifies or sinks your system. After the room has been addressed, that is.