Driver replacement for Silverline Minuets.

Has anyone had to replace Silverline Minuet Supreme drivers/tweeters? I'm wondering if they're replaceable without going through Silverline directly. I can't seem to identify who makes the driver/tweeter so that I can purchase from a supplier instead. Thank you.
Call Silverline. I needed to replace a driver in an SR-11 and Alan was very helpful.
@ Roxy54 ... I believe you're indeed correct about Alan Yun using Dynaudio drivers, but the Minuet drivers certainly don't look like the Dynaudio's I'm familiar with although I could easily be mistaken. I think he uses Dynaudio's further up in the Silverline model range.
@ Timrhu ... I've contacted Silverline and yes, they are very helpful and can easily get what I need from them directly. I was simply trying to save a little $$$ and wondered if I was able to purchase from a supplier like Parts-Express and the like. Thank you for your response.
If the speaker manufacturer matches the drivers in pairs it would be a better source for purchasing them than another source who just pulls a couple of boxes off the shelf.
@ Rbrowne ... Good point. I have to constantly think of driver replacements in terms of pairs if I want to maintain synergy. Thanks for the reminder.