Silverline Sonata's vs Martin Logan ESL

Silverline Sonata's vs Martin Logan ESL's

I realize these are two completely different speakers, but I believe Electrostats are just different, being no better or worse. So does anyone have experience listening to these two and might know how they stack up against one another?

Any major reason why I might want to go with dynamics versus electrostats or vice versa?

I'm a relative hifi newbie, and mostly listen to Jazz and Classical with the occasional party with rock and dance... but for the most part its easy listening.

Now brain dump your opinions! Thanks for the help - Aaron
Well, since nobody's opined as of yet, I think you're partially correct. They're different, but considering your personal tastes in sound reproduction one will almost certainly be better or worse (not that any technology is inherently better or worse per se). At the very least you need to go hear good examples of both types (especially if you're a newbie) even if they're not those specific brands so you can hear the fundamental differences for yourself.

That said, from my experience and in general, electrostats can potentially throw a more spatious, open kind of soundstage with a tad less specific or dense imaging. I imagine this is due to their inherent dipole nature. Tradeoffs. I find the treble of electrostats to be very natural and effortless sounding but still nicely detailed and integrated within the sonic tapestry. On the flipside, I think you'll get more dense and more solidly defined images with the Sonatas with possibly better depth and dynamics with probably better integrated and deeper bass. They're really a very nice speaker and do lots of things well.

For me and my tastes (which really mean nothing to you), if they're comparably priced I'd take the Sonatas over the MLs if your room can handle them. The fact that you listen mainly to jazz/classical could definitely score some points for the MLs, but for rock the Sonatas would have an advantage. Hope this helps, but go listen. It'll be worth your time and effort.
FWIW I pretty much agree with Soix's comments re the differences between ML's and dynamic speakers in general, and the Silverline's. It is hard to be much more specific since you don't ID which Silverline Sonata you are referring to - there were three models and they have different sounds. I think the fist model and the second model may be easier to live with.

I find that bi-polar speakers are much harder to set up - their sound relies heavily on the proper management of the back wave - they really need a lot of space from the rear walls. Dynamic speakers also benefit from space as well but they are not nearly so dependent.

Personally I would not buy ML's, or most any bi-polar speaker, without hearing it first in my own living space. Dynamic speakers are still a gamble, just less so.

Good luck.