Siltech speaker cables LS-188

I have recently heard these expensive speaker cables and was truely amazed by their transpereny and resolution, far above any other cables I tried before. Does anyone has any experience with the Siltech's classic line?
Yes I do have the siltechs, the LS120 sp cable,st38BGS
they are very expensive but they are so transparent
without leaness,they are just on differrent league,
They compare purenote products like is veryclose to
siltech, I have the ic reference,pure note are good
products,but they are no siltech,If you can afford
siltech,its worth having them.I have one for sale,
I am changing my mind in selling it.
I have a 6' pr of LS-188's and I've got to tell you - THEY ARE THE BEST I'VE HEARD. I went through a TON of cables. (still have some of them)
XLO, Transparent Audio, Signal Cable, mas Grey, mas Black, Audioquest, Shotguns, SVT's etc.

You definitely get what you pay for. These cables paired up with the IC's (SQ-110) are transparent, open, smooth 'realistic' highs (no roll off), scary midrange (real). The bass is deep with NO roll-off. I am hearing music that I've not heard before. Detail, passages with inner detail I've never heard before.
Thank you so much for your responses.
I have tried Siltech in my system, and I felt the same way you described: they are involeving and transparent to a level I didn't know that exists, however, I couldn't put the big bucks on a cables I have not heard of.
I will buy the cable
Anter just buy used, its cheaper that way.