Upgrading from Siltech Forbes Lake ...

Suppose I want to upgrade from my actual Siltech Forbes Lake RCA interconnect (DAC to integrated), what would you guys/ladies advise me, who is always looking for an even more 'transparant analogy sound ?

Rest of my system: see 'system' (ofcourse)

Muchas gracias !
I have never had the chance to hear Forbes Lake series, but you may look at Virtual dynamics. The rev series and now the rev signiture series line of cables maybe worth your consideration. Call VD and talk to Rick, He is very helpful. Brian
Brian, I was already advised to use a VD Master as digital cable. It seems the interconnects are fabulous too.
don't waist your money--- siltech is an old ,tech. and way oberpriced... there MANY OTHER CABLES WHICH SURPASS SILTECH'S PERFORMANCE, FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST. PURENOTE COMES TO MIND!
Perhaps the G6 Signature (way too many dollars)?

I have both G5 Compass Lakes and Enhanced Paragons. The Paragons overall are a better cable, IMO. The G5 is just a tad better in the extreme highs. When you consider $7500 vs. $450 for the Pure Note, there is no contest.