Signal Cable - MagicPower Power Cord - need info

Signal Cable - MagicPower Power Cord - How stiff are these cables? How much clearance will I need behind my Audio stand.
not terribly stiff, I'd say somewhere in the middle as far as that goes. 12 inches between the wall and the IEC ought to do it.
had them at one time,didn't hear any audible difference with them, how much room do you need?
Ok I measured and 12 is ideal but you could make it work with a minimum of 6 inches that would be with it pushing against the wall behind it.

For what it's worth I didn't hear much with them either. I personally haven't had much luck with cheaper power cords.
Back of my amp to the wall is seven and a half inches.
Look at the photo on my system.
I Decided to go with Impact SE power cables from a local Canadian company. A bit more expensive than Signal Cable. I just want a reasonable replacement for the stock cables.