signal cable magicpower and digital reference....

I have been pondered by the fact that these cable are making my system sound slow, and harsh in the treble. I have a digital reference hooked up to a Bel Canto dac3 and it sort of sucks the life out of it compared to the stock cable, has anyone else felt this way?
The digital reference is a cool sounding cable and takes a bit of time to break in. Signal cable's other digital power cable at a lower price now called the MagicPower Video Reference is warmer and may be a better choice for your dac. I use it with a Benchmark DAC1. The 10ga. MagicPower is even more warm sounding . I have used it on digital components with very good results. It's not shielded but I had no noise problems when I had a Denon DCD-1650AR cd player. Experiment!
I also did not have a good experience with Signal Cable's digital power cable on my CDP. However the Magic Power cable was excellent with it. More musical, with better tones and plenty of sparkle. I have liked all the unshielded PC's that I've tried and my guess is it has something to do with that.
I have had nothing but great results with Signal Power cables. I use them on all of my components. I feel they bring out a clearer and cleaner sonic quality compared to the stock cords that I was using. Maybe it depends on what brand of component you associate them with?
Yeah that is what I am thinking, the magicpower sounds fairly good on my system, but I think the digital ref is making my dac sound a bit on the harsh thin side.