Sierra 2 vs Dynaudio Focus 160

I am having a hard time finding anyone who has heard both of these and can offer some constructive observations/comparisons. I love the Dynaudio sound (former Contour s3.4 owner) but have been reading so much about the Ascend Sierra 2 that it has caused me to pause and consider going the Sierra 2 route and saving a few bucks. Thanks for your comments people!
I should also throw the ProAc Tablette Anniverary in the mix. I listen to a lot of rock, jazz, female vocalists, piano, and some new-agey stuff. Thanks
The easiest way to make a mistake, is to buy equipment using reviews and opinions only. You really should demo first.
Ascend has a 30 day full refund policy so you could demo one that way. otherwise if you're anywhere near southern california you could demo one in their showroom and also demo Dynaudio at a local dealer in LA.

i have the Sierra-2's for my office system but other than telling you it's a versatile speaker, you should demo to see if it's a fit for you.
Pretty much if you want to hear how the Ascend Sierras 1 or 2 are going to sound, you are ordering a pair. This should be common sense, as Ascend is a mail order company. With all that said, I own the Sierras 1 and can not say enough positive about them, whether I would be talking tubes or solid state or vinyl or CDs.

What led me to the Sierras to the first place is that they can be placed close to the wall and can be placed on their sides with no ill effects.

Going to the web-site and reading reviews may help you narrow things down. Auditioning would be nice, but let's get real, with a number of brands there are not too many ways of doing that.

I have thought about pulling the trigger on the Sierras 2. There is at Massdrop special that has the Sierras 2 for $1250, if that helps any. The Sierras 1 in piano black are also on sale at Ascend's web site for $750 or so.


Thank you Rich, Tortilla...

I just missed picking up a pair of Sierra 2s here for $1100 - by a few hours. No 30-day eval period that way though. Now a buddy of mine whose ears I trust highly recommended the LSA-1 Signature ($1899), which I can pick up at RMAF new for $899 (special show price). My buddy says way better than Peachtree D5, not quite as good as the Focus 160, and can't comment on the Sierra 2s.

I live in So Cal so maybe I will take a drive and listen for myself. Or order the LSA 1 Sigs AND the Sierra 2s and either sell the LSAs on AG or return the Sierras if I prefer the LSA sound.
The Sierra 2 is a serious accomplishment. I put them up against my flagship Paradigm Signature S6 speakers and preferred the Sierra midrange while the highs were a tie. I could not believe it, I kept throwing different music at them, but they did not falter. And the Paradigms cost 4 times the price tag of the Sierra 2. I had taken a chance and ordered them up pretty much blind. I'm a really big fan now!

You do get serious bang for buck when you bypass the retail model and go for internet direct. I considered selling my Signatures, but in the end, they do have superior bass( being a tower) and a different flavour is the spice of life.