Shunyata Research Venom Defender or High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Power Conditioner?

Anybody compared these? Do they work?
I can only speak of the MC-0.5s. I have 8 of them and they are addictive. The downside is that they take around 36 hours to fully "charge up" and if you unplug them for any length of time, there will be another waiting period before they perform to their fullest ability. The description on their website is spot on.
Just ordered a Shunyata Defender to audition -- 1/3 less than MC-0.5. Will report result soon. Shunyata states there are significantly diminishing returns to adding additional. 8 MCs = $2400! Ouch..
That can actually work out to around $1400 if they’re all B-stock, which mine are. I examined all three and I couldn’t find any marks or blemishes. In fact, they looked brand new.

And, if it means anything, when I spoke to someone at the CableCo., I was told to just go straight to the MC-0.5 when I called about the Venom Defender. He told me of the over 300 they’ve sold, only 5 were returned. By the way, I got mine by ordering directly from High Fidelity.

Also, thanks to @slaw and @lowrider57 on letting me know that it does take time for multiple units to break in. I may go back and try two on a splitter for my integrated, but in all honesty, it sounds great the way it is.

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I own both and the MC-0.5 has considerably greater impact in my system and so I have been slowly buying more.  I use the Defender primarily for its surge protection capabilities.  Other than that, it's impact is minimal.
Very interesting feedback, thank you. What does the MC do for you?
I referenced the positive effects in my first post...taken directly from High Fidelity's website, so you wouldn't have to ask this question.
I have 49 of the MC 05s in my system and have not reached the diminishing returns. Each time the sound got better.
Kindly let us know how you feel when you reach 490. Have you had to install new outlets just to reach 49?:-)