Shunyata Hydra 2

Any benefit for dvd player?
I bet the picture would be sharper and colors more vivid with it in the chain.
Absolutely, agree with Stereo5 above. In fact, those improvements did occur when I placed a Shunyata Hydra 2 (and later a Hydra 8) in my system, including having the DVD player (now a Blu-ray player) and also the TV attached. The picture was more 3D/holographic and color saturation improved so much that I had to adjust the color saturation downward.

Sound will improve also.
Any digital device benefits greatly from a Hydra...especially if you're using a Shunyata power cord on the DVD player. Transports are very noisy and digital converters generate a great deal of noise. The Hydra will help to clean that up and you should easily notice a difference both on the screen and in the sound.
Get yourself an used Audio Power Wedge instead if you want isolation. Hydra is just a little black box with a single capacitor sticked across the AC poles.

If one performs a quick google search of *user* reports (the only thing that matters here) and compare what people who actually used the Audio Power Wedge have to say with what those who have actually used the Hydra have to say, the truth about these devices becomes more clear. Btw, I happen to have an Audio Power Wedge I now use as a doorstop in the garage because no one will buy it or even pay to have it shipped.

Shunyata's service and satisfaction guarantee are unsurpassed in the audio industry. Additionally, the resale value of all Shunyata products is equaled only by the likes of Audio Research and Wilson. There is a clear reason that thousands of people continue to pay top dollar for used Shunyata conditioners: they work as advertised.

I am not a dealer, just a very satisfied, long-time user of this company's highly respected products.
Hey Dne. How big was improvement going from 2 to the 8?
Worth it?