Shunyata black mamba power cords

Has anyone had any experience with the black mamba power cords? Good Bad or Ugly. Thanks!
In my system it was beautiful. I hooked it up to the CDP and everything fell into place, with more crispness (not what I've often heard said about the BM) and space around the instruments. Then I just listened to oft' heard music anew. Albeit a dramatic price-point difference from my previous PC, I would recommend it. You can always sell it if you don't like it.
Gorgeous on the right CD player. Version two is a little brighter than version one. Version one was my cord of choice on my CAL Audio Tercet, and I only gave it up because my current Cary 303/200 is a darker richer machine. If you can use darker and richer, by all means go for it.
This was the PC that opened my eyes to what PCs can do in a system. As with all cabling, it is not the best choice in all applications, but it is terrific in many. Supremely flexible for its size, too.
I do own the Black Mamba and agree it is a very good cable. It was bettered, however, by the new , cheaper PS Audio XStream Statement I bought one month ago
I use the Black Mamba V2 in my Mark Levinson 360S Dac and the 380S preamp. The BMs are very good power cables for digital and preamps. Highly reccomended.
I use three version one Black Mambas in my system. One on a Mark Levinson DAC, one on my DCS Purell and the other on the CEC Transport. Really nice.
I have 2 version 1's. One for my Wadia and one on my BAT 5i pre...very quiet and dynamic.I upgraded from HT Pro AC11's which were nice also, but the BM's have more dynamics and lower the noise floor noticeably in my system. Make sure you have a system that is better than average in resolution and good dynamics to start with and you'll get the most from them.