Should the best PC be on source, pre-amp or amp??

I was just wondering what you guys thought. Assuming that it was clearly obvious that 2 of my power cords were cleary better than the third. Where should I put the 2 good ones and where should I put the third one. I'm guessing that the good ones should be on the be on the source and pre-amp. What do you think?

I think the best thing to do is to try out all the different combinations and see which combo sounds the best to you. And remember to give yourself enough time with each combo to get a good sense for what the sound is like.

Conventional wisdom (at least from what I have read) is that the best PC should go on the source. However, I recently switched the PC's on my amp and source, and feel like my system sounds better with the better PC on the amp. Go figure.

Regardless of what people might think, or the techno-babble explanations for which PC should go where, use your own ears to be the judge. Hell, I still don't understand why a PC should make any difference at all, but my ears tell me they do. Best of luck, and have fun with your system.

I agree with you, but you will never know until you
you switched them around,It happened to me once, but
basically your idea is right.Matching is the key here.
Good Luck.
I agree with you, but you will never know until you
you swith them around,It happen to me once, but
basically your idea is right.matching is the key here.
For me it was the amp.

Best shall go to source, that says those with good resolution. Just use neutral cables for power amp and also connection between Pre and Power amp as well.
In my setup, the source (digital) made the LEAST noticable difference with the PC upgrade.
Good point Lafish - I agree especially with your statement neutral cables between pre and amp.
I have found the best cable should be on the amp. If you have 2 good ones put the other on the preamp. Best compromise, get an extension cord made with your favorite choice of power cord (some makers are now making these available)and plug everything into it. Also make sure all cables are plugged in polarity correct.