Should I upgrade my SME 3009 III tonearm?

I getting back into vinyl after a long hiatus. Along with 6000 jazz LP's I inherited a never-been-used SME 3009 III tonearm. I was planning to mount it on a VPI HW19 MK IV turntable but had second thoughts after talking to VPI. Basically I was told that the SME arm wouldn't perform as well as even the cheapest of arms available today. I found that hard to believe. For many years I used a SME 3009 II arm/Shure V15 III combination on an Ariston RD11S turntable. It performed very very well and I was a happy camper. I've read recent reviews for more up-to-date arms and I'm not impressed. The reviewers use alot of colorful babble but say little of substance. As for auditioning arms, my part of Ohio dosent seem to have any high-end audio dealers that are up to the task. Anyone have any advice?
Hey, if you like it, then use it.

I do think that you could get a significant upgrade for not alot of money. Like $200 for a Rega RB250.

Do what suits you best.
Put a new shure v15 mkVxmr in the SME and you should be fine. You may want to upgrade the interconnect if you can.
That seems like a pretty harsh statement from VPI. I have to concede though that SME along with everyone else had made significant technological advances since the 3009 arrived on the scene.

Does SME still sell the 3009? That would tell you right off the bat what they think of the arm.

I do have to agree with Tom. There are lots of good arms out there now. The Mk IV is a pretty good table so you would probably be better served by getting a better arm. I think you could have an amazing setup if you bought an arm of equal quality to the TT. The Rega RB 900 provides fantastic sound but at a price much more palatable to the average consumer.

Good luck in your hunt, and have fun with 'all that jazz.'
The SME works better than the Rega with a number of cartridges in my estimation. The Shure and Grados being two of them. The best upgrade is to get one of the titanium nitride arm tubes. These sound much, much better than the aluminum tube. I also like the idea of getting better interconnect.
SME does still sell the 3009.
Don't know what thew difference is between a 3009 and an SME 345 but that is what I have with a Benz Micro Ruby Sitting on a Sota Star . It is one piece of equipment I have never felt the need to upgrade!
Pay little attention to what VPI states because they all ways push there own arms. SME arms are all right if you pay attention to proper set up. Most arms from the last 25 years are OK with proper set up. In fact, the best arm I have heard in anyone's system is an old Mayware Formula IV unipivolt mounted and setup with care on a Luxman direct drive table. I have listened to over 150 vinyl rigs as a conservative estimate, and they sound somewhat different yet remain better than CD. It is all in the setup. Although, a new phono connect is a good idea.
I used the SME MK III, SME 3009 MK II, Infinitive Black Widow, unipivot with magnetic damping tonearms with Grado gold, Shure type II, III, V cartridges on my HW19 with excellent results. The best result is with unipivot with magnetic damping tonearm like Schroder and Shure type V with 1 inch wooden arm board sitting on top of 2 each 1/8 inch brass rods locating between the armboard and the steel plinth. The brass rods really improve the mid and highs and also tighten the bass. I tried 2 inch thick wooden armboard and got muddy sound.