Should I trust movers with my equipment?

Should I trust household movers with my equipment for
a long distance move (about 1100 miles)?
I would pack everything myself in mostly original boxes and
double boxing most things beyond that.
No big speakers, just a bunch of expensive electronics and monitors.
Or should I just rent a truck and drive my stuff by myself?

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No, do not trust them. I'm not kidding. I work for a Fortune 500 company with hundreds of locations that are constantly moving and remodeling. It's a high turnover, labor intensive low paying job. Most of the guys have an addiction problem. As I said turnover is high and there not much training.

Here's how I roll. Wife in the car... Check. Dog in the car...check. Amp, pre-amp, etc in the car.... Check. All the other crap goes with the movers. I have three boys all in their twenties and none of them live at home anymore......priceless.