How trustworhty is Used Cables?

My question is how trustworthy is Used Cables recommendations? Has anybody had any relative experience with them?
They claim that they base their oppinions on some type of data base, but I am sceptical.

My gear is Sony SCD-1, Linar preamp2, Linar 250i, Gershman Avant Garde RX-20.

Thanks, Frank.
I have purchased used speaker cables from them and found them to be very fairly priced, cables were as described and service was very good.

As to their recommendations, one has to keep in mind that they (Cable Company) also are a retailer of new products as well. As a result, their recommendations should be judged accordingly.
I suggest you check the archives.
Archives. Now why did I not think of that?
I hope I didn't appear rude, its just that this was a fairly recent subject here.
No, not at all. Come to think of it, I should of checked the archives first.
Though I have never bought anything from UsedCables, they are a local high end audio dealer, under The Cable Company banner. I can say that those who I personally know who have bought equipment from them feel them to be among the most upstanding people in this business. I have never heard higher accolades regarding a dealer than the folks at The Cable Company. I'm sure you are in very good hands.
I purchased a Tara Labs digital interconnect from them and the cable I received was brand new for the price of used. Perhaps an exception, but I was pleasantly surprised.
I just ordered new AQ (powercords).
Reply on emails is fast and they seem very nice people to deal with.
How about a quick synopsis of the thread?Just the conclusion maybe.I have been told as long as there are no obvious cracks inm dialectric or cover and wire hasn't oxidized (I assume seeing rust) that older cables shouldbe OK.But now off to archives I guess.Hope I can find thread.
I have dealt with them for years and find them knowledgable and fair. The other service they provide if you are having trouble making a decision is the lending library. Nothing like a in home/system demo to settle the question.
It's been a few years since I bought from them but they were very helpful when I was comparing speaker cables. I "believe" their matching database is based in large part on their sales data relative to the components in use by their customers at time of sale (e.g. what speaker cables have been sold to customers with Aerial 10T speakers).

Good luck.
They earn my highest praise. I have bought used and new cables over the years and been treated fairly and gotten great deals. The advice has been better.