Short XLR Connectors???

Does anyone know of a cable company that terminates interconnects with short XLR connectors. My amp barely fits in the custom piece of furniture I had built for our den and my balanced pair of interconnects are too long making it impossible to push the piece of furniture close to the wall. My wife is not too happy about this.

Look about 1/2 way down the page for the right angle connectors. You might be able to find someone who will do a custom termination for you:
The DH Labs balanced Air Matrix uses a proprietary XLR that is quite a bit shorter than a standard Neutrik connector. You can also buy the connectors separately if you want to apply them to different cabling.
"proprietary XLR". :) Those are "Cannon" type XLR plugs. Cannon is the original XLR done many years ago.
Thanks a lot.....the Neutrik should solve my problem.
Signal Cable will make them for you. Tell Frank what you need and He will build you some