Short Signal Path?

This my sound dumb, but if a short signal path is so desirable, what is the advantage of a preamp with separate mono block amps? Seems that a compact integrated system would reduce the number of connections, AND greatly reduce the length of the path? What am I missing?
The improvement brought about by separate power supplies and higher quality parts overcome the disadvantage of longer signal path, especially when discussing an all out attempt.

So far there are no "ultimate" integrateds. Many are superb, but most manufacturers go outside the single box concept when moving up the line toward statement designs.

That DOES NOT mean there are not great integrateds. Everyone from Jolida to Gryphon builds them and a world class integrated can beat separates of lesser design and quality.
Its not the size of the signal path thats important, its the motion of the, um, err... Yeah what Albert said.