Shindo Auriges vs. Cary SLP98

Hello! I have an opportunity to purchase a Shindo Auriges preamp at a great price, but will have no opportunity to hear it in my system or compare against my existing Cary SLP-98 F1. I have heard great things about the Shindo, so I am tempted to pull the trigger on this deal. Rest of the system is Cary V-12i, Audio Physic Virgos, VPI Scout w/Blackbird, Shanling T-100 CD through modded EAD 7000 DAC, Audience AU24 cabling.
I know this is pretty subjective, but any thoughts?
But my main point still stands, how can one compare a ff preamp to a line stage? Especially for someone who obviously listens to vinyl? Makes no sense. A line stage should be cheaper than a FF preamp with a world class phono, no?

yeah, that is LOL funny. i stand corrected and apologies.
Direct coupled means there are no coupling capacitors between the gain stage and the output stage. Stock slp-98s have coupling capacitors to mate with a variety of amplifiers. With the v-12 that's not necessary and the sound is better without them. Yours might be direct coupled; I'm not sure. Another thing: I recently upgrade the power tubes in my v-12 r to Groove
Tubes. I'm very pleased.
Polk432, which one sounds better to you, the V12R or the 120S? Thanks for your comments.
Another thing: Replace the stock input tubes in your v-12-r with 12BZ7s. Outstanding! You really don't need another amp.
Slaw, I assume you're talking about the Aurieges MM which has a built in MM phono stage(the Aurieges L is only a linestage). I think Plinko was suggesting that you can't compare a full function preamp to a line stage?

FWIW, similar to Rchau I also sold off all my other gear to buy Shindo when I first heard the Aurieges. I belong to an audio group here in Toronto and two other members have recently bought Monbrisons after hearing my little Aurieges. As someone previously indicated, Shindo excels in tonality and flow. If you want to be drawn into the music, nothing beats Shindo.