Shindo Auriges vs. Cary SLP98

Hello! I have an opportunity to purchase a Shindo Auriges preamp at a great price, but will have no opportunity to hear it in my system or compare against my existing Cary SLP-98 F1. I have heard great things about the Shindo, so I am tempted to pull the trigger on this deal. Rest of the system is Cary V-12i, Audio Physic Virgos, VPI Scout w/Blackbird, Shanling T-100 CD through modded EAD 7000 DAC, Audience AU24 cabling.
I know this is pretty subjective, but any thoughts?

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"My present preamp is the Audio Valve Eklispe which is a great tube based linestage for a lot less money then the Shindo. "

The Shindo Monbrison is a full function preamp with an amazing phono stage. There is no comparison in that area to your Chinese line stage. The Shindo should cost more than your line stage because it has one of the world's best and most quiet phono stages not to mention that one is made in Japan and one is made in China!
But my main point still stands, how can one compare a ff preamp to a line stage? Especially for someone who obviously listens to vinyl? Makes no sense. A line stage should be cheaper than a FF preamp with a world class phono, no?

yeah, that is LOL funny. i stand corrected and apologies.